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WHY I PUBLISH (My Story) for InsgramSpark

Well, my story is too long but I would try to make it shorter. Ha-ha.

My dream of being published started with the Fateful Italian Passion series in 2013. I had worked on another book a few years prior but abandoned the project because the story failed to captivate me. I don’t think I was ready for it. But who knows, maybe I will get back to it one day.

Fateful Italian Passion was my first serious attempt at writing. I soon realized, however, that my skills weren’t up to par yet. I put my ideas aside and took some time to find my own style.

After several years of reading and analyzing the works of bestselling authors like Erika James, Sylvia Day, and Sylvain Reynard, I felt confident enough to resume my work on Fateful Italian Passion.

In 2015, I happened along Wattpad. At the time, it was still a free platform and popular among readers of all ages. I signed up and published my first book there. Like any debut author, I was scared and unsure of myself. Criticism and even hate can damage one’s confidence significantly, sometimes beyond repair. Fortunately, my readers fell in love with my books at first sight. They enjoyed the dynamics, the suspense, the emotions, but also the erotic and psychological themes I addressed. I was over the moon when I read the comments.

I spent another two years on Wattpad polishing my writing and posting other books until I finally decided to make my dream come true. The first book in the Fateful Italian Passion series was released on Amazon in the summer of 2017. I would never have dared to make the leap without my friends and fans who encouraged me to publish my stories. I have found so much love on social media, and I am grateful to have met so many wonderful, supportive people.

My parents played a key role in my publishing adventure as well. They were in awe when they found out I was an author. Not just a poet – I have a poetry book in my native language – but a novelist! My mom and dad didn’t believe I could write. (Ha-ha). I had never showed them my drafts before because I was unsure how they would react. I do write explicit erotica, after all. But my secret came out by accident! My parents caught me at night. Instead of sleeping, I was typing away at my series like crazy. I was so engrossed in the drama of my characters that I didn’t hear them come in! After showing them some paragraphs, my parents were pleasantly surprised – thank goodness! That was the second reason I wanted to publish my book. My parents’ support really put the wind in my sails!

However, publishing my first book on Kindle Direct Publishing was no cakewalk. I had no one to help me and had to research the entire process myself, from start to finish. I am proud of the things I learned. I knew next to nothing about self-publishing, like how to find a great editor (and determined their professional skill). I also didn’t know much about cover design, formatting, and marketing. Thanks to my persistence, my drive to talk to every person I meet online, and also the kindness and help of editors, designers and some bloggers, my dream came true.

Nowadays, I navigate the world of self-publishing more smoothly. Even then, I have a lot to learn still. How to publish a paperback and an audiobook, for example. Every move an Indie author makes costs money, but sometimes you get lucky and you find a friend who helps you for free!

My publishing rate is about one to two books per year. I believe that quality not speed determines a great book that readers want to read over and over again. A lot also depends on the author’s professional skill. I am at the start of my writing career and have many things to improve still, things that will enable me to write faster. I currently combine writing with a day job, so I have to find time to pen down my stories.

On a final note, I want to share a quote by American novelist Toni Morrison. If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.

This quote has become my personal mantra, and I hope it will encourage aspiring authors to pick up that pen and start writing.

Good luck, guys! I wish you all the best!

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FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION 2 is a bestseller on Amazon 2020!

Hey, guys! 

is a bestseller on Amazon 2020! 🙌

Thank you for your support! Love you! 💓

14 place in the Italian Literature! 🎉


Hey, my lovely readers, friends, supporters. 🤗 Recently December 20, 2019 my book Fateful Italian Passion 2 reached the highest Amazon bestseller rank in the Italian Literature category: 14th place as a bestseller book and 21th place as the most paid Kindle book. 😱 Happy to archieve this awesome goal but I do not stop on that! 💪 I love this awesome journey as a writer and hard labour as creating the new stories. 🙌😍 Thanks you everyone for your support. 🙏😇 Without your shares and help, nothing could have happened. I wish you to reach the same, lovelies, and be blessed. Love you all and never give up! You Rock! 💗💗💗 #writerscommunity #indiewriters #indieauthors #selfpublished #writersofinsta #writer #author #italianliterature #literature #italian #books #bookstagram #book #readers #amazonbestseller #readerssupportauthors #reader #Romance #darkromance #kindleunlimited #kindlebooks #ebook #bestseller #mustread #bipolardosorderbooks #fatefulitalianpassion2 #venezianifamilyseries #bookseries #olgagoabooks #olgagoaauthor
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WHY I PUBLISH (My Story) for InsgramSpark

Well, my story is too long but I would try to make it shorter. Ha-ha. My dream of being published started with the Fateful Italia...