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Interview by Olga GOA "WRITER'S SECRETS"


Let me introduce you the amazing talented writer, Lexi Miles
which passion is to write steamy romance!

Welcome her, guys!

At first, I want to say thank you and give you my best gratitude that you agreed to come and give me the interview, share your writing secrets as well.

So let's go!

Where were you born?

I was born in California, USA.

What pushed you to be a writer, what things of your life influenced you to choose this profession?

There are many things that influenced my decision to write professionally. One of which is my love for writing. I have stories within that just want to live on a page, and so I spill it out in my novels. It is indescribably awesome to have ideas from my head live on pages. Outside of that, throughout school from a young age and beyond I wrote and shared my stories. It was a complete thrill to see how the stories caused people to react. I loved putting smiles and excitement on people’s face as they lived the stories. And you know what? I still do. That’s why I happily keep writing! To help others have a little extra sunlight and joy in their daily lives! (Giggles)

What genre do you prefer the most for writing and reading?

Romance. As cliché as it sounds, it has my heart! :D

How many books have you written? What are they about?

I have written several contemporary romance books. Some are out and others will be released soon.

Released: Custom Fit (Contemporary), The Order of Moonlight (Paranormal), Focused On Love (Poetry), #FoodParty (Cookbook)

Coming Soon: Wild Fire (Hybrid Poetry/Romance), Run (Romance Suspense), Wedding Nights (Short Stories), Convince Me (Contemporary), Private Lessons (Contemporary), Mix Matched (Contemporary), Close Quarters (Holiday) and New Order (Paranormal, Moonlight Order Vol 2)

In my romances, I tend to have a core element. There is a strong female lead and a confident male hottie. The two come together in a time of their life when some change is going to happen, and their love helps each get through a difficult, challenging, or evolutionary time in their life. I am a firm believer that love and the strength that love gives helps to make life not only better during hard times when and if they come, but more vibrant and beautiful daily.

What is your advice for beginning writers and indie writers who are only getting started on their hard path to be noticed who want to promote or advertise their books?

My best advice is to promote other indie authors that you have gotten to know for a while (who are a friend or friendly), and in exchange, they usually will promote you back. (Ask things like, want to do a review swap or I would really like a share/RT can I share anything for you?) That way you get exposure, and they do as well. It helps everyone. If you are willing to help other authors get the word out about their books they tend to love to help you back! Over time, you won’t even have to ask, they will just do it, and you will do the same. It’s such a supportive vibe in the Indie Community, and the people are so nice!

What is your favourite place to write your stories?

Mainly the magic or book writing happens at my desk.  Rewind with me for a second, back in the day I loved to do my homework seated on the floor, so old habits never die, I still like to storyboard my books and write today like that as well when not at my desk. Also, I find that I get inspired and write in my car, at the café, the mall, one of my favorite places to write, the library, or anywhere at all that I get inspired to do it.
How do you relax and what helps you to write, any inspiration, things?

Music, working out, and bubble baths. Those things help me to relax as well as writing itself. My inspiration is found from everything around me. TV shows, random thoughts, music, an article or book I read, people watching in the mall, or just anything that crosses my path that sparks a story.

How you manage your hectic life while you are writing?

I live by a schedule. Not a super tight one, but one that works for me. I have general things that I do daily, and I prioritize what I need to get done, and I do it first. Writing, for example, even for a brief period of time (30 minutes) is at the top of the day so that I know that it gets done before anything unexpected pops in to shake up the day. 

What is your biggest fear in writing’s life?

*Taps chin thinking* Honestly, not writing is something that would be unbearable to me, so as long as I am doing what I love, then there is nothing to fear no matter what comes my way. There have been challenges, but as long as I stay focused on my love for writing, I can quiet any outside fears and focus on what I love to do which is writing.

What are your favourite writers or teachers who showed you how to improve yourself? What are your favourite books of those writers?

As silly as this may sound, Dr. Seuss. Stay will me here. There are some profound things that can be found in his kids’ books. He can really tell a story. He was one of the people that sparked my love for writing early on. After that, I’d say there are many other authors that have helped me transform and strengthen my writing (Anne Rice, E.L. James, Alan Cohen, Chloe Quinn, Romance Novels in general). I am affected by all of the authors that I read in some positive way. I may read something and think wow, that was a cool way to lay that out and I’ll scribble notes to do that myself. Seeing that I read a lot, I have a lot of those notes. (Giggles) I also love watching Movies/TV/Plays to hone my craft. Adding to all of that, I studied/associate with professional writers (published and indie), publishers/editors, reviewers, and professors. I learned and continue to learn a lot from all them. I find that I also frequently study writing, grammar, and you name it to build my writing skills. Also, in addition to reading books of authors I like, TV, and those professional associations, my most favorite teachable moments have come from readers themselves. Other people’s insight about things they read (not necessarily my own books, all genres of books in general) is really a great way to know what a reader wants to read. Basically, what I am saying, I’ve learned that writing is a daily lesson, there is always something new and exciting to learn. That is exhilarating!

Do you have the motto of the life?

Get it done! (I have others, but that’s the one that came to me.)

The quiz: what men you like the most:

- hot and smart;
- hot and kind;
- hot and sincere;
- hot, smart and honest;
- hot, other things nothing matter.
You can choose only one option ;)

(Giggles) Hot, smart, and honest, but I think kind too! (Winks)

What will you do if your boyfriend/husband came home late? :

- you will shout at him and tell him, “why did you take so long and did you sleep with another wench?”;
- you will tell him go to the shower and later punish him by sex for his late coming and missing;
- you will send him to hell and announce that you are officially in break-up;
- you will go to sleep and show him indifference;
- you will prepare a tea for him and you both have supper. You will get revenge on him that night with wild bed sex and he will be exhausted in the morning, not able go to the work.
You can choose only one option ;)

Ha ha! But I have to say, none of those. If he was late, we were probably texting, and I knew it. (Giggles) I would have taken the extra time it took him to get home to enjoy some “me” time (spoiling myself with a hot bubble bath or watching a nice romcom movie).  When he got home, I’d massage his shoulders/back and gab with him about our days. I wouldn’t seek revenge, but it could be fun to see how tired we both could be by morning. Haha. ;)

If you will play in a game “truth or dare”, what deed you couldn’t do? :

- to undress yourself;
- to kiss someone;
- to tell the truth about your private life;
- to tell everyone what hot things inspire you to write;
- to jog by the deep evening in the street, wearing only underwear.
You can choose 3 options.

Yikes, lol. Let’s see, I’ve played this game, and so I’ve either done or would do all except go into my private life. That doesn’t always just involve me, so I would hold those confidences and have to keep that private. (Giggles) The rest is fair game, and some have been done in past games. Haha! All I will say about one past game is that it wasn’t underwear, but a bathing suit. (Giggles and Winks)

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Thanks a lot for being with us, Dear Lexi!
We wish you all the best in your writing's life! 

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